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The Law Offices of Jared P. Turman, PLLC handle debt collection claims throughout the entire State of New York. Our debt collection attorneys aggressively collect on all of your bad debt accounts receivable. Our collection firm adheres to all Federal and New York State debt collection laws when dealing with your debtors. The reputation of our firm speaks for itself. We are highly regarded and respected in the field of Collection Law in the State of New York and throughout the Collection Industry. 

As a New York debt collection law firm, we have many years of experience in debt collection for clients around the country. Our dedicated staff and collection personnel strive to not only collect each and every debt placed with our firm but to do it in such a way that it ensures success and positive results for our clients. Giving our clients superior service is extremely important to each member of our debt collection staff. Our clients deserve the very best in service and support.  Our debt collection attorneys achieve the type of results you are looking for. The type of results that makes a difference in your bottom line. 

As we are a debt collection law firm, we also maintain a non-legal staff of professional collectors and a client services department. We don't just collect debt in some parts of New York but cover the entire state to handle all of your collection and litigation needs. Our New York debt collection staff is highly seasoned, motivated and prepared to begin a debt collection campaign for your bad debt receivables. 

We are not a collection agency but are a debt collection firm with the ability to litigate accounts throughout the New York legal system which enables our firm to achieve a higher than average debt recovery ratio for our clients. Our debt collection attorneys along with each member of our law office are dedicated and responsible professionals. We strive to be the very best we  can possibly be and serve to deliver the kind of results that will keep you as a satisfied client for many years to come.

Our debt collection service provides competitive rates, excellent service, support and results in the collection of bad debt receivables. We feel that makes us one of the better choices in New York for the collection of your accounts receivable. 




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